Once the venue is chosen, our team will work on creating a setting that reflects your personality.Mine provides tailor made events that will put to life your every wish. From the venue setting, floral decoration, entertainment, to the catering and cake… our services will make your day an unforgettable one to you and your guests.


Building platforms includes adding levels at the venue to fit a bigger number of guests and to add movement to the décor.


Once the theme of the wedding has been chosen, we have a professional team working on a story board that will be projected to any surface and turn it into a dynamic video display.


After the first meeting and after gathering all the info needed, our architects will draw the 3D perspective of the wedding to show how it will look like exactly in reality.

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Part of the event execution, we will have an execution plan to all the services, items, lighting, walls and platforms as designed in the initial plan.

Floral deco 2

We work closely with the leading Floral decoration company “Fleurs et Couleurs” founded my Mrs Jocelyne Mehanna. Jocelyne is an expert this field with over 25 years of experience, she is also known for the unique designs she provides as well as the special and customized accessories she uses in her weddings.

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We help you find the perfect venue to accommodate your guests, whether in a ballroom, hall, or an outdoor garden, depending on your requirements.

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We help you choose the right combination of furniture from classical to modern, depending on the venue and theme of the wedding.

entertainment 1

Entertainment may include “Zaffe”, bands, DJs, and all types of other entertainment that fit the theme of the event.

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Depending on your taste and budget, we assist you in choosing amongst a list of caterers, the best option and menu for your special event.

We are the innovators of this concept. The buffet de dessert is another luxurious experience in the wedding, with its own space, design and décor.


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Will be on ground to assist the bride and groom during the event, and to make sure the schedule runs smoothly throughout the night.

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